Dui California and SR22 Insurance

In California, it is a crime to drive while impaired by alcohol or illegal or legal drugs. A charge of driving under the influence, or DUI, can apply to drivers who are impaired by the effects of prescription or illegal drugs, certain over-the-counter medications, or alcohol.

If a driver is suspected to be impaired, a police officer may perform a field sobriety test in order to determine the level of impairment. A field sobriety test may include walking heel to toe in a straight line, reciting the alphabet backwards, or using a penlight to determine horizontal gaze nystagmus. The officer may also perform a Breathalyzer test or transport the driver to the hospital, where blood tests can be performed.

DUI California SR22 Insurance

Implied consent laws require drivers to submit to chemical testing if they are suspected of impaired driving. Refusing to submit will result in legal consequences, including driver’s license suspension. Per se laws dictate that drivers with a BAC above 0.08 percent is considered intoxicated, even if there is no obvious impairment. A much lower BAC can also result in arrest if impairment is present. Consequently, the driver will need an SR22 insurance California.

DUI Attorney

The civil penalties associated with a DUI begin almost immediately. Drivers are notified at the time of their arrest that their license will be formally suspended if they do not act within 10 days. They have the right to request an Administrative Hearing to contest this suspension, or they may request a restricted license with which they may drive to and from work. Points are assessed against the license, which may result in increased insurance rates.

A DUI conviction carries with it severe criminal penalties in the state of California. Drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence may be required to pay heavy fines, perform community service, or alcohol education classes or rehabilitation, and they may be sentenced to jail or probation.

If aggravating factors were present at the time of arrest, penalties may be even more severe. Commercial drivers, drivers with a history of DUIs, or drivers who had accidents during which someone else was injured or killed may be facing very harsh penalties.

To optimize the outcome of any DUI charges, drivers should contact a seasoned DUI attorney as soon as possible after a DUI arrest.

SR22 Insurance in California

Getting a good SR22 insurance provider is a difficult job but not so much if you give that extra time and effort to find a good one. Several California car insurance agencies are there to help several convicts of DUI charges to get a cheap SR22 insurance. These SR22 insurance providers of California provide SR22 insurance with cheap premium. Getting free sr22 insurance quotes is easy nowadays. Individuals can compare sr22 insurance rates of different providers to choose the best SR22 insurance California for them.